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Hot Iron Promos helps small businesses grow and develop through affordable custom marketing items.

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Here at Hot Iron Promos, we consider ourselves a one-stop-shop to provide custom marketing 

items to help you get your small business noticed, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Our designers work with you 1:1 to put your ideas and vision to work for you.

We also have 1:1 Facebook training, branding assistance, and strategy sessions. 

A bit about HIP...

Hot Iron Promos has more than 10 years of experience in

the marketing, and promotion of Small Businesses.

We are dedicated to providing excellent service and

achieving 100% client satisfaction.

We believe that small businesses deserve the chance to

promote and market their businesses affordably, and we

want to do that for you!

A very popular way we assist Small Businesses

in GETTING NOTICED, is through our custom


These colorful ads are run in high-reach areas,

as a snapshot of your business details, to spotlight

basic product or service details, join your team

details, or hosting details.

You can also have them printed.


We consider ourselves a literal one-stop-shop, providing just about anything you need to market and promote your business, and at an affordable price! When you place your order, you are connected with one of our incredible designers who take your input, and put your ideas to work for you, helping you stand out and be noticed for what you do!

If you are not quite sure where to start and you'd like to get the biggest bang for your buck, we can suggest items that would meet your objective. You can chat with us there in the right-hand corner, or contact us via email.

Head on over to our products and services page now, to get an idea of what we can assist you with, and see some examples of our work. We look forward to working with you. Talk soon!

Don't leave yet! I know, the pressure of a decision, right? While you are thinking about the direction you'd like to go,

come visit our small business communitto get some ideas of what the others are doing! See ya over there!

Need Additional Business Support? We BRIDGE the GAP!

We have created a community composed of like-minded individuals who care about your success and show it by purchasing and referring from within. Join our community for support, business tips, training, networking, and engagement!




Your success is our success!

We aren't satisfied until you say you LOVE IT! Our heart is to serve small businesses, to see them grow and prosper. 

Our promise at Hot Iron Promos is, we work until you love it. What can we design for you?

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