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Hot Iron Promos

Hello Small Business Owner!

 You joined or were invited into the Bridge, but we haven't heard from you.

You were invited here so we can share how you can benefit from our

TRIBE of Small Businesses and Shoppers.

The BRIDGE is for Small Businesses to PROMOTE, learn, network, and grow!


Our group members know the importance of supporting each other. We've been training on engagement for years and our members have seen it pay off, so it's not something they take lightly!

They know if they don't engage, they aren't seen, and when they aren't seen, they can't grow.

What does this mean for you as a Business Builder Member?

When you are seen, our members WILL support

you! Tribe Support means everything when you are

trying to build your business!


Our group is for those who are SERIOUS about building their business. The way we are able to forge an engaging community is by making sure we are engaging with those who truly wish to grow their business. By asking members to purchase a custom business item, that they NEED, we are able to

grow a community of BUSINESS BUILDERS, versus a group of people who strictly wish to GAIN sales for themselves, and have no desire to support others.

The membership is a simple purchase of a class that may be $10 to a design for their business page that may be more, once every 3 months, aka quarter.


As a Business Builder Member, you may post to the wall DAILY, have the opportunity to host Business Building Games for your business, in order to bring attention to your business and product, receive business tips and training, free and discounted

classes, networking opportunities, and more!

We are constantly adding value for our members!

Our members are also given the opportunity to host our MINI MEET networking meetings to become known for the product they sell, as we give members the opportunity to network and gain valuable info the other members have to share, as serious, successful, small business owners!


You will find that this is a one-stop shop for almost anything you need, in order to promote and market your business, at an affordable price! As a matter

of fact, as a BUSINESS BUILDER MEMBER, you

receive CUSTOM items that will help YOU stand out,

at a discounted price! We are known for proving great encouragement, as our Admin check in with our members to see how we can help. It can be hard to stay motivated when you are running your own business, so THE BRIDGE is someone in your corner! We truly BRIDGE the GAP of support you need and very well may be lacking.

We will understand if you joined THE BRIDGE by accident, and don't wish to stay. We just needed to know we informed you before removing you. Why remove you? FB has changed group engagement, and people who are in your group without engaging can lower your groups' algorithm. That's another reason we strive to have an engaging group! Simply click that message and say: REMOVE ME PLEASE. It's just the kind thing to do since the admin are working so hard to serve small business owners. No hard feelings, we will remove you and wish you much success, but a response would be great!


It's your turn now! Do you see the value THE BRIDGE offers, for a simple purchase of something you already need for your business?

GREAT, we knew, as a serious small business owner, you would!

Simply return to the message you received this black graphic in, and our Admin will get that badge for you, and get you started POSTING & HOSTING, TODAY!

We are excited to spotlight you and your business!