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Welcome to the HIP-Stir. 

A place where Vendors and Business Owners will find Hot Topics, Tips, Encouragement and more, to help them with their businesses and Social Media!

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Answer me this...

Posted on November 1, 2017 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (5191)

Entrepreneurs as we enter November and are soon to close out the year, are you reflecting on what can help you end on a high note? Are you determined to promote this month? Do you have a goal that you are trying to hit?

If you are serious - then your answers are YES!

Being serious - leads us to ask some questions that will, in turn, give us direction and set us up for success...!

Ask yourself these questions:

��Why should people choose you versus your competitor for a similar product or service?

��What is most important to you in your business?

��What makes you proud?

��What would your customers say about you/how would your customers describe you?

��Do you offer customers special benefits that others don’t (personal service, pricing, add-ons, convenience)?

Use the answers to these questions to develop a strategy to stand out from the rest!

Here's to a successful NOVEMBER...

Get those pages connected!

Posted on November 1, 2017 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (715)

If you don't have your Facebook FAN PAGE in your section of WHERE YOU WORK, on your PERSONAL page - YOU ARE MISSING SALES!

I just tried to purchase from someone and can't find their link - I know ME - If I don't order right then... I will get sidetracked.

C O N N E C T your F A N P A G E S in your Employment section!

Building a Team

Posted on April 24, 2017 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (10313)

Are you building a team? Most will say yes, as we are a group of direct sales reps. Want to turn those team squatters into team earners? Meet with them on a level they understand as, I AM HERE FOR YOU .... rather than, I AM ONLY CHECKING IN WITH YOU FOR YOUR NUMBERS. If you establish a relationship of trust with them, where they can tell you ... "Hey, I am going through something personal right now, and my mind hasn't been on my business." Rather than you checking in and they feel like in order to please you, they need to lie about their numbers. That's not doing you any good, and certainly, doesn't help you forecast.

One of the KEY things you can do as a LEADER who is building a team... is meet with each new member and ask them this list of questions.... I will tell you why below:

1. What was the reason you chose this business?

2. What is most important to you about owning your own business?

3. Are you doing this for fun, or for financial gain?

4. Do you see yourself striving to move up in the company?

5. What inspires you?

6. What do you expect out of me as your upline?

7. What do you foresee your obstacles being, if any, to reaching your goals with your business?

8. Do you see yourself as a self-starter, or do you like more hands on training?

I'm sure you can add to the list, or even emit some of the questions, but the key factor here is to get a BASE established. To find out who you are dealing with... what they expect, where they want to go. You can help them if you don't know.

This will cause them to gain respect for you because they will see they you recognize that it's not about you... you are seeking to know them so you can be a good leader.

With this information, when your downline starts going through a funk, you LISTEN first.... then remind them of what their mindset was prior to this obstacle they are facing. Remind them that their success matters to you. Encourage them with those beginning statements they gave you, You can't make everyone be a go-getter, you can only encourage and you can help those who stepped out and believed in you, get out of their heads so they can get back on track.

Know the Difference between a Fan Page and a Group!

Posted on February 19, 2017 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (3182)


I get asked daily the between GROUPS and FAN PAGES aka Business Pages. Most don't know, so I will break it down to you.

A group is where you post things you can't post to the public. Like special pricing to honor your GROUP VIPS - yes - people in your GROUP are your VIP's.

However, if you aren't utilizing a fan page - aka BUSINESS PAGE... you are missing out on SO MANY TOOLS!

The Business Page acts as a way to reach people who aren't familiar with your business. Think about it - if you don't know what something is all about, do you want to JOIN?

Your fan page gains LIKES - your group doesn't. Each person has to be added to your group.

When your fans LIKE your page - it posts on fb, so you can reach friends of friends... A WIDER REACH.

No one is notified when someone joins a group.

ALSO - if people don't know they are in that group - and your group is no longer in their algorithms... they aren't seeing what you post.

Trust me - unless you are continually working that group to bring those people back to the group aka tagging them - messaging them... a LARGE PORTION don't even know they are in the group.

Like our numbers in here.... they used to be REALLY HIGH... but we do a RELEVANCE clean up monthly. This is to remind people they are in the group - making sure no one just added them and they don't know they are in here <--- this happens in A LOT of groups.

It makes our numbers lower - but we know that the people in this group want to be in this group, and know they are.

When you have a business page - fb builds insights to tell you what your followers want to see - what they like.

ALSO - people can SHARE your posts from a Fan Page - they can't in your group.

GROUP ARE GOOD - don't get me wrong... but they have their place.

You can do more on a page than you can in a group.

You can even schedule out your posts and build videos.


OK - I think I summed it up for you.

Oh - one more thing - you never want to list a GROUP on print ads - you will lose people as soon as they see they have to join... AND - you want to see when insights INCREASE - so drive them to your fan page... then from there.... get them to your group.

Fan Page - they can click a shop now button - to get them to your website - and to your group. If you skip this step - you are cutting yourself out of potential website traffic and an opportunity for a follow, and then to get them to your group.

Hope this helps! :D

Embrace the downtime!

Posted on July 22, 2016 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (10930)

As Small Business owners, there's many times you are being chased by time, or feel like you are trying to beat the clock. Your poor adrenals are screaming and can only take so much caffeine before they poop out!

In saying this... although the thrill of a booked calendar makes us mentally say... SUCCESS... We know that unless we have some some down time, our bodies won't be up for that challenge.

I want to encourage you in this season where you feel like things are slowing down, to use this time wisely, to do some MUST DO'S, LONG OVERDUE tasks, that have been tugging at you, but you always had the excuse that you were too busy. If you do this... when your schedule picks back up, you will feel more organized, and ready to tackle the end of the year!

1. Spend time cleaning out your e-mail.

2. Tackle that stack that says NEED TO FILE.

3. Send out some cards to clients and customers.

4. Get some much needed rest.

5. Tackle that "follow up" stack. There's some leads in there!

6. Spend much needed time with family. They have missed you!

7. Re-do your office space. Add a new lamp, some pops of color to stimulate you, try a new scent to inspire you... maybe some motivational pictures for the walls.

8. Review your processes and get rid of the ones that were not working for you. Research new processes that WILL work for you. There is such a thing as being the WRONG kind of busy...

9. Review your schedule - what can you remove? What should you add? You have now had 6 months of this year to see what's been lacking.... Try to fit in some meditation time, yoga, reading - all these will benefit your business!

10. Take some business building classes. Stay fresh and "in the know" - stop running off old knowledge. REFRESH!


Biz Tip 4 U!

Posted on February 7, 2016 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (2186)

READY for a FREE99 TIP?! READY to INCREASE your sales?

Find ONE item that you sell... one YOU are truly passionate about... yes, you are passionate about your whole product line... but pick ONE that is a GREAT price and is RELATEABLE to the season, to the need of the folks you have seen on your timeline, in groups, or amongst family and friends.... ready for it? .....

STEP 1 - PROMOTE THAT ITEM FROM EVERY ANGLE... for 2 WEEKS straight. YES... two weeks... this helps it make the dreaded Algorithym cycle and hit the newsfeeds of your friends.

STEP 2 <--- Important! Design a ‪#‎tag‬ .. something catchy... post it with every post!

STEP 3 - go to <--- and create a bit link for the DIRECT link from your website for that particular item. WHY ... 1. Folks don't like to search a website.. and although sometimes it's good to let them do that - sometimes you will miss a sale... 2. This will TRACK the number of clicks you are getting on that link - who's clicking, from where and what time... so you can adjust the time you post to reach more people.

I am well aware that some won't even read this far... much less try this...but there are some ‪#‎standardsetters‬ that are hungry for ideas, and want to BUILD their business and increase sales, and WILL try this... I would like to know your success! heart emoticon

Why, and Why again...cause it's just THAT important!

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (438)

You HAVE to know YOUR why in any VENTURE you pursue! This WHY is YOUR PASSION ... it's what will get you up out of bed in the morning, it's what will keep you going when you face doubters... or when people tell you no... YOUR WHY is powerful! Having that WHY on the forefront of your mind when you speak of your business, or your endevour, your project or your job... will allow others to see that PASSION ... and in turn help you support your dream! If you are trying to give up, your WHY isn't strong in your mind yet... then it's time to be still and work on that first. If your why is built on presumptions that family and friends are going to support you... your why is build on quicksand... YOUR WHY has to stand when NO ONE believes. YOUR DREAM is YOURS... your energies can't be focused on who will or won't jump on board. If you don't have passion for that THING, for YOUR DREAM, whatever it may be... you will be a flash in the pan, you will give up, you will want to quit in the hard times and the personal growth stages ... BUILD YOUR WHY, so you can STAND in the face of ADVERSITY!

What's your WHY?


Fan Page must do's!

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (1031)

If you share your business page, aka fanpage with a post about your product, it's important that you do two things.

1. Make sure you have RECENT posts on your business page. If someone goes there and the last post was the 19th of December... or November... you haven't even addressed the NEW YEAR on your business page... they will think your business is a hobby - that you don't have follow through.

2. Make sure you are checking your messages from your business page. If you use your cell mainly, you will need to download the page manager to view those.



Posted on June 23, 2015 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (211)

It's said that every success story STARTS with a "WHY"... every successful person KNOWs their why!

Have you ever heard someone talk about what they do, and the passion they are speaking with, makes you wanna go out and do something great too?  Well that is the side effect of KNOWING YOUR WHY!

Ever wonder why there are some people at the top of their Direct Sale business, and others that say it didn't "work" for them?  I guarantee you, is the differences in the WHY!  Now, yes, I just said success comes from knowing your why... and if both those folks have a why, why aren't both successful, right?  Well, let me explain.

Your why should be something that can withstand.  Your why is in your dreams, your every waking hour....  Say the fist consultants why, is it's their ONLY income.  They have a passion for their product because the company gives to a certain organization that they believe in, the product is something they believe in, and they are excited about it.  So... their why started FIRST... with a NEED... but was matched with a product that they also had passion for... that why will withstand!  Take the second consultant.... their why was.  I just want a way to have a little extra cash, I decided to start representing that business because the start up fee was nothing, and the items are really cheap - so I thought a lot of people would appreciate the good deals.  When that second consultant approached a few family members, and they said no... her why went out the window,  She didn't stay active, and she went on to something new, leaving a trail of excuses why it didn't work.

So what is the difference in the two Whys?  The first one had a passion to meet her need, and met that need, with the passion of her product.  The second consultant had no skin the game.  She didn't really need to make the money, and she didn't have to invest in her product, and her only reason for selling that product, is the product was cheap.  Do you see why the first consultant was successful and the other not?

Don't get me wrong - we have all started something and not finished it.  We haven't all been successful in every little endeavor we started.  There's some things we do, just to do them, not expecting success,  I'm reaching for the heart of the listener, that is truly looking for the difference, seeking understand on what it takes to be different then the rest.

I love the quote by Mark Twain that says, "The two most important days in your life are, the day you were born, and the day you you find out why."

I want to encourage you to get still, find your why ... what is your passion?  Then, find something that matches both of those, and I promise you will find success!  Because when you TRULY know your why... it WON'T let you quit!  It will spur a passion to work late, get up early, work ridiculous hours on little sleep - all the while, having passion and drive!  

Find your why and you'll find your success and happiness!


Praise 'em & Make a Difference!

Posted on June 5, 2015 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (1547)

  It feels good to be seeing some of the posts I see tonight on Facebook. Folks are going out after a long week of graduations, field days with the kiddos, and last days of school, to get a good meal and relax.

I am seeing post after post of folks checking in at local restaurants and giving great feedback! I LOVE to see this because it's so very important for local businesses. We all hear about it when someone messes up, but it's not so often we hear about it when the experience was a good one. We need more of these sort of posts!

I see people posting pictures of a baby animals that say – “I am posting this in efforts to fill fb with cute little baby animals to shut out the negativity” - or something of that nature. How 'bout we just start posting kudos, positive feedback, and thankfulness? Yes, animals are cute - but those posts aren't helping those baby animals. Why not post feedback that will help the businesses in our community, like ... “Wow, I drove past that so and so business today, and the new paint job is amazing!” OR, “I went out to eat for lunch today, and the helpings at so and so restaurant are incredible! Now that’s posts that will nix negativity, but also help someone!

You might wonder why I care so much, and why I bring this up. It’s because my heart is for small businesses and what they stand for.  
Folks ask how I got into promoting small businesses, and why I have the passion I do for them, and I guess you could say it was brought out by a hamburger! How’s that you ask?

Well, I happened on to a side of town I hadn't been to in a while, and I noticed this little building that had changed from a Gyros restaurant to a burger place. Gyros aren't for me, but boy a burger sure sounded good!

This particular day, a friend and I decided to stop in. From the moment we entered, it was an AMAZING experience. This restaurant owner thought of everything, down to the way they folded the napkins! I was completely impressed with the staff, the atmosphere, the decor... then... it happened.... the most AMAZING hamburger I have EVER tasted, was placed before me, with HOMEMADE fries!! You know the kind.... thin, but not too thin - salted just perfect? WOW, my mouth is watering right now just remembering! Licking your lips yet?

We finished up, sang praises to the manager and made a beeline back to the office, where we shared with EVERYONE who would listen, just how amazing this place really was. One by one, the others headed to that restaurant, to try the burgers. My boss at the time, said in front of everyone, “You should be in promotions considering how you just promoted this restaurant in such a way, that now we all want one of those burgers!”
Well, one week later on our regular, “go out to eat for lunch day” ... Friday as other's call it, we decided to go get another one of those amazing burgers! When we entered the restaurant, the atmosphere was different, we felt it immediately! The owner didn't have a smile on his face... that sweet little waitress was not there, the burger didn’t event taste the same. What happened you ask? That day was meant to be that restaurants last day open. We were experiencing, “death to a dream!”
We returned to the office saddened, and with a heavy heart for that owner and the staff. I meditated on this sad turn of events for the rest of that day, and throughout the weekend. I thought of that man's dream, and the closing of the doors meaning death to his dream. I couldn’t help but think I could have done more, had I known about them sooner. I would have rallied for them to stay open! I would have handed out flyers in efforts to make a difference. Anything, to reward their efforts and to keep the doors open. I then thought about what my boss said. Could I make a difference, or at least inspire others to try to make a difference? Could I begin to rally support for small businesses, and have people listen? Could I actually promote businesses?

I guess you can say that day at that restaurant changed my life! I would end up leaving my 9-5 job, with insurance, a for-sure paycheck, and the comfort that all that can bring... and stepped out in faith to start Hot Iron Promos!

So, I'm a BIG, in closing sort of person.... or, the moral of my story, sort of gal. Shop Local, Eat local, give kudos, tell your friends.... If service isn't good, tell the manager before you blast it on Facebook. Let's work together... "RALLY" together, for our local small businesses! Let's keep dreams alive, doors open, and NOT keep the best hamburger EVER... the biggest best-kept secret!