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What does it mean to ENGAGE on Social Media?

On Social Media - To engage means to comment.

Likes are no longer considered engaging. Facebook aka META understood that folks don't always know WHAT to say - so they created GIFS, EMOJI'S, and STICKERS. When you use these things - FB/META sees you as an ENGAGER. In real life: If I ENGAGE IN A CONVERSATION with you, I am taking a moment to build a relationship with you.

So engaging on social media is a way to build relationships with other people.  OK WAIT - don't get scared... I am not saying, let them into your whole life, it's the type of relationship that makes someone say - wow Mother Hubbard hasn't commented on my jokes lately - I wonder if she is ok? Engaging on Social Media is an unspoken pact - I am gonna hype you up when I see you - and in doing so - it is going to push your posts further out into algorithm land... aka - allow more people at more times of the day to see what you are selling, sharing, etc.

Why does FB reward engagement? Well, have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who doesn't seem present? You say, you know what I mean?.... crickets.... engaging is a way to let folks know - someone is listening.

What if I asked you a question and all you did was give me a thumbs up? I would then say.... Ummm... what does the thumbs up mean? Yes, no, maybe? Well, that's kinda what the like button does... FB seeks commenting because it sparks conversations. That's why you can earn badges for doing so. It's their way of honoring you for keeping fb interesting.

Sadly though, this is what is happening - Let me know if you have experienced this yourselves... Folks have gotten out of balance with social media. They see it as a chore. They say they are too busy - yet are on it daily. They have become so unfocused with all the noise - they are trying to do too much in too many places. They have become overwhelmed.

The Bridge was designed for you to slow your pace and build your base! That means - instead of being overwhelmed and experiencing FOMO - you slow - learn about algorithms - learn - about going live - you learn tips - you gain relationships with the tribe and you go forth and conquer with the support and knowledge you have gained.

If you stay in constant busy mode - at the end of the day you wonder WHAT you achieved.

I want to encourage you today to resist the desire to grab a hand full of seeds and toss them EVERYWHERE... just hoping for something to produce.

Here are some things to do, to pull you out of the FOMO, MANTIC, I'm too busy to do it correctly "mode", that really isn't working for you.

  • Choose which days you will stay OFF SOCIAL MEDIA.
  • When you are on - set a timer for 15 minutes and use that whole 15 to engage with people.
  • On the days/times, you set to work your business - make sure you are consistent - don't let anyone interrupt that time.
  • The night before - write down 3 things you wish to accomplish. The next day, don't squirrel off to areas that SUCK your time - stay committed to just those 3 things. If you know email is time-consuming - don't even open it unless it's one of those 3 things on your list - or until you have those 3 things accomplished.
  • TELL YOURSELF DAILY - I WILL NOT COMPARE MYSELF TO OTHERS. This is building the FOMO - Mother Hubbard has you believing everything is peaches and cream in her world and simply put - she is just sharing her good days. We all have Goliaths in our life. DO YOU, BE YOU, SEEK TO DO YOUR BEST... and REST


Top 10 Must-Have Communication Skills

Communication skills are a better predictor of success than intelligence. Most of us have jobs that require communicating with others, whether it’s verbal or written. Your boss, coworkers, and clients are all subjected to your communication skills. We all have to communicate with the people in our lives.  That seems like a given, however, talking is different than communicating! Aside from being forced to take a public speaking class in high school or college, we aren’t taught communication skills in any meaningful 

way. The only way to develop these skills is to make them a priority and begin teaching yourself.

Here are the top 10 must-have skills for communicating effectively with the people in your life:

1. Clarity. Have you ever spoken to someone and felt confused by what they were saying? Communication isn’t really communication if the other person doesn't clearly understand what you’re trying to say. It’s important to speak clearly and to present your points clearly and in an organized manner.

2. Brevity. We all know a person that goes on and on and never seems to get to the point. There’s a time for stories, and there’s a time to be succinct and direct. When you understand what you’re talking about, you can make your point clearly and quickly.

3. Listening. Communication goes both ways. You can’t just speak. You also have to listen to the other person. Listening seems easier than it is. We’re usually not skilled at truly paying attention when someone is speaking. Our minds wander to other things and people.

Others take notice of and appreciate a good listener!

4. Directness. Why beat around the bush? It just wastes everyone’s time, including your own. Get to the point without ambiguity.

5. Confidence. Your level of displayed confidence impacts your ability to communicate.

Imagine listening to a presentation by a confident person versus an anxious person.

Now consider how you view someone that is nervous at a party or on a date versus someone that is confident. Confidence has a positive impact!

6. Eye contact. Eye contact shows that you’re confident and paying attention. A lack of eye contact conveys submission, anxiety, or a lack of respect. Practice good eye contact with everyone. Look into the eyes of strangers you pass on the street. Look people in the eye when you’re talking to them and while they’re talking to you.

7. Public speaking. Public speaking skills are invaluable in the workplace. Good public speaking skills also build your confidence, which will positively impact your communication skills in your day-to-day life.

8. Introducing yourself and others. Can you confidently walk up to someone and introduce yourself? Can you introduce two people to each other? We often forget our manners and fail to handle this common act of courtesy with finesse.

9. Non-verbal communication. Much of what you communicate is communicated without words. The way you stand, move, and gesture matters. Your facial expressions matter. Even your clothing says something about you.

10. Grammar. Your grammatical precision is noticed by educated people. Poor grammar impacts the way others view you. Good grammar demonstrates intelligence and class.

Luckily, effective communication is a set of skills that can be learned.

The best news is that there are always people around to hone your skills. Everyone is a potential communication practice victim. Fire up your webcam and talk to people on the other side of the world if you like.

It’s hard to think of something that can have a more profound impact on your life than enhancing your communication skills. Get started today and see how much of a difference it makes.

Are you overseeing your WHY?

You HAVE to know YOUR why in any VENTURE you pursue! This WHY is the fuel that keeps you going ... it's what will get you up out of bed in the morning, it's what will keep you going when you face doubters... or when people tell you no. YOUR WHY is powerful!  Having that WHY on the forefront of your mind, continuously, is a must. Why? It is a measuring stick for your passion, that drives you. 

When the passion begins to dwindle, or your drive isn't there, it shows us two very important things. If you are trying to give up, your WHY isn't strong in your mind yet... then it's time to be still and work on that first. If your why is built on presumptions that family and friends are going to support you... your why is built on quicksand... YOUR WHY has to stand when NO ONE believes, no one buys, no one supports. A SOLID why does not go away easily.

YOUR DREAM is YOURS... your energies can't be focused on who will or won't jump on board. If you don't have passion for that THING, for YOUR DREAM, whatever it may be... you will be a flash in the pan, you will give up, you will want to quit in the hard times and the personal growth stages ... BUILD YOUR WHY, so you can STAND in the face of ADVERSITY!

The next thing it can show us is that your WHY is morphing. That means that your direction is requiring a shift because circumstances that surrounded your original why, have changed.

Here's an example. Say you started your business so you could afford to get your hair and nails done regularly. When you hit a certain earnings level with your business, you have achieved that! What now? Well, if you oversee your why on a regular basis, you will see when you have outgrown that why and it will not be time for a NEW WHY to be formulated. Another example, one I hope no one ever experiences... Say your why started a low as taking your grandkids to a movie and yogurt every Thursday. Then... the Grands move out of town. If you aren't tending your why closely before you know it, your business is not bringing in the income it used to, and you don't know why. You lost your passion because your why doesn't drive you any longer, because it's no longer relevant. Now, maybe you boost your why, by challenging yourself to earn the money it would take to go visit them 1 time a month, or once a year depending on the distance. Maybe your why now changes to a Disney Cruise.

Tend to you why. Ask yourself if it's changed, develop a new why. Ask yourself if you have outgrown your why, and decide what your NEW WHY is.

What's your WHY?

Embrace the downtime

As Small Business owners, there are many times we are being chased by time, or feel like we are trying to beat the clock. Our poor adrenals are screaming and can only take so much caffeine before they poop out! In saying this... although the thrill of a booked calendar makes us mentally think... SUCCESS... We know that unless we have some downtime, our bodies won't be up for the challenge as we get busier.

I want to encourage you in this season where you feel like things are slowing down, to use this time wisely, to do some MUST DO'S, LONG OVERDUE tasks, that have been tugging at you, but you always had the excuse that you were too busy. If you do this... when your schedule picks back up, you will feel more organized, and ready to tackle the end of the year!

1. Spend time cleaning out your e-mail.

2. Tackle that stack that says NEED TO FILE.

3. Send out some cards to clients and customers.

4. Get some much-needed rest.

5. Tackle that "follow-up" stack. There are some leads in there!

6. Spend much-needed time with family. They have missed you!

7. Re-do your office space. Add a new lamp, some pops of color to stimulate you, try a new scent to inspire you... maybe some motivational pictures for the walls.

8. Review your processes and get rid of the ones that were not working for you. Research new processes that WILL work for you. There is such a thing as being the WRONG kind of busy...

9. Review your schedule - what can you remove? What should you add? You have now had 6 months of this year to see what's been lacking... Try to fit in some meditation time, yoga, reading - all these will benefit your business!

10. Take some business building classes. Stay fresh and "in the know" - stop running off old knowledge. REFRESH!

Ready to increase your sales?

Find ONE item that you sell... one YOU are truly passionate about... yes, you are passionate about your whole product line... but pick ONE that is a GREAT price and is RELATEABLE to the season, to the need of the folks you have seen on your timeline, in groups, or amongst family and friends.... ready for it? .....

STEP 1 - PROMOTE THAT ITEM FROM EVERY ANGLE... for 2 WEEKS straight. YES... two weeks... this helps it make the dreaded Algorithm cycles.

STEP 2 - go to <--- and create a bit link for the DIRECT link from your website for that particular item. WHY?

1. Folks don't like to search a website.. and although sometimes it's good to let them do that - sometimes you will miss a sale... 2. This will TRACK the number of clicks you are getting on that link - who's clicking, from where, and what time... so you can adjust the time you post to reach more people.

I am well aware that some won't even read this far... much less try this...but there are some ‪#‎businessbuilders‬ that are hungry for ideas, and want to BUILD their business and increase sales, and WILL try this... I would like to know about your success! 

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