Hot Iron Promos

What is the Bridge Business Builder Community?

The Bridge is open strictly to small businesses, who register and agree to be standard-setting business owners, thereby, providing a safe environment for the other members who shop and refer within. Hot Iron Promos is the business that established and runs THE BRIDGE - Business Builder Tribe on Facebook.

The Bridge serves to bridge the gap of support for small businesses. We provide training, tips, networking, classes, algorithm growth exercises, affordable marketing services, and promotional products to assist them in getting their businesses noticed, and helping them grow in their knowledge of the Facebook platform most are attempting to monetize on.

The Bridge is a group of like-minded individuals that know, or are willing to learn, what it takes to engage, why engage, how to engage properly, as well as the rewards of engaging, in order to grow their businesses utilizing social media.

We still serve clients on the Hot Iron Promos business page side who don't necessarily need, or want the training and networking we offer, inside the Bridge Community.

To become a member it's just an initial purchase of an item to help grow your business, and another each quarter.

This entitles you to:

  • Post about your business daily
  • Receive hosting privileges for BBG - Business Building Games
  • Free Training
  • Membership Pricing
  • Engagement on your business page
  • Regular chances to win items to help you promote your business
  • Social Media Tips
  • Tribe Support
  • Hosting of events and networking
  • HIP LIVE Interviews
  • Not to mention, our members see the badge as a secure member, and they shop from badged members.


Meet our Community Leader

Robin Fuller is the owner of Hot Iron Promos and initiated the Bridge in 2012. Robin's heart is for the small business owner who found themselves at a place of giving up because of either lack of training, or lack of support.

"It makes me happy to see the light come on when I teach something to a client who felt they just couldn't get it!."

Robin teaches in relatable examples, making her 1:1 coaching sessions something clients rave about.

She often says she over-delivers, because she gets so excited when people truly want to learn.

When Robin moved to Texas from Michigan in her Softmore year of High School, the first trip to the infamous DALLAS, (as she quickly learned wasn't anything like the show, and grateful her parents didn't listen when she said she couldn't go to school without boots and a cowboy hat) was to see the implosion on May 23, 1982, of the 60-year-old Texas Bank Building.

"I can't explain it, as I saw that old building crumble, to make way for the new, I could picture people at work in that building. I suddenly started tearing up as I thought of business dreams conceived, and business dreams that died. Ever since that day, if I see a going out of business sign, or drive through towns with boarded-up businesses, I get so sad. There were dreams attached to each of those locations - and behind that, a person. Throughout my life, I faced many more examples of this emotion regarding businesses and knew that I was meant to help others succeed."