Member Agreement

Please review the following information, then return to the Registration Form to acknowledge the Member Agreement and complete registration.


  • I understand that the $25 is a MEMBERSHIP fee. This fee is an annual fee per calendar year.
  • I agree to check my e-mail and Facebook at LEAST, every 48 hours, for event coordinator communications, and Admin communications. (Quick member response time, is one of the standards we set forth to the Coordinators that use the TIE PACKET. If the Coordinators experience a lag in response, the value of the TIE PACKET diminishes. For this reason, we are strict on response times. Should you fail to check in every 48 hours, your admin will contact you directly. If it becomes a cycle to not respond to coordinators or admin, you will be removed.)
  • If I am going to be away from e-mail and fb access for over a week, I agree to let my Admin know so I can be placed on leave. (This way we know why you aren’t responding, and Event Coordinators won’t message you during this time.)
  • I agree to respond promptly with a straight answer as to whether or not I am able to attend the event the Event Coordinator is contacting me about. (If you claim the booth, you MUST return event agreements and make payment by the Event Coordinators deadline. They report back to us if you don’t, and again… we don’t want anything to diminish the value of our service, so this is not acceptable.)
  • I will find out all of the event details from the Event Coordinator that is inquiring, and ask all the appropriate questions to determine if the event is right for me.
  • I understand that the listed events are not run or coordinated by Hot Iron Promos/TIE PACKET, therefore all communication regarding the individual events, must go through the Event Coordinator over that event.
  • I understand that I am to be ON-TIME for all events that I sign up for, be outgoing, kind, not engage in gossip about other vendors or the Event Coordinator, will NOT leave EARLY, and will return my area to a clean, presentable status, in short, I WILL SET THE STANDARD. Should you EVER leave an event before the Coordinator releases you, you will be removed from the TIE PACKET without future re-admittance. This includes NOT asking to leave early.
  • I understand that if I absolutely have to cancel an event I signed up for, that I must make every effort to fill that booth with upline, or downline. If that is not an option, please let your Admin know ASAP so she can exhaust every effort to fill that spot. If the booth is being filled with another person - you need to communicate that to the Event Coordinator. It is not acceptable to cancel, unless their is an emergency. If you have an emergency you must let the EC know immediately. Being a no show can result in loss of membership.
  • I acknowledge and accept the fact there will NOT be any refunds, but if I so choose, I can opt out for the following year if the TIE PACKET has not helped me in any way, or I no longer desire to do vendor shows.
  • I acknowledge and accept the fact that Hot Iron Promos cannot be held responsible for the way another coordinator runs/ran their event(s). But, understand I am encouraged to report back anything I feel was unethical to assist other vendors in avoiding a bad situation.
  • Hot Iron Promos reserves the right to deny membership to anyone we feel does not set forth the standard we desire our members to have.
  • If at any time a member displays what Hot Iron Promos considers unprofessional behavior, they can and will be removed without refund of membership fee.
We call our members #standardsetters. SETTING THE STANDARD means:
I am a Standard Setter because…
I am serious about my business.
I am professional.
I am responsive.
I take responsibility for my actions.
I help, not hinder others.
I provide great customer service.

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