We BRIDGE the GAP for the Small Business Owner!

What is The BRIDGE?

The BRIDGE is a community that consists of like minded individuals, seeking to take their business to the next level. We help bridge the gap with Networking, Social Media Training, Business Tips, Spotlights, Business Building Games & more! 


We provide discounts on promotion items, such as banners, business cards, personalized Socal Media business ads and more. Social Media gotcha down? Need help managing your business page? We also offer 1:1 Trainings to give you the additional help you may need!


We are a ONE STOP SHOP for the small business owner! Our desire is to see YOU succeed!

Who can join THE BRIDGE?

Anyone wishing to GROW their business by networking,

or shop from trusted vendors.

How much does it cost?

JOIN for FREE to shop, network and learn,

or become a BRIDGE VIP MEMBER, for $25. 

Do you have your own business, but have a hard time getting networked?

Are you looking for ways to get your name out there - to get noticed - to get networked?

Then this group is for you!

This Badge affords you the opportunity to post about your business daily, receive Social Media training, business building games, promote your products, and have the opportunity to enter contests to win items for your business!

Well worth the minimal investment!

How do I join?

Contact Us TODAY! Let us know you are interested in THE BRIDGE!

We will get you registered, and on your way to getting your business noticed!

What is a HIP HAPPY CUSTOMER?They are members of the Bridge who have ordered the Marketing items and Promotions that HOT IRON PROMOS offers... and posted product selfies to show how pleased they are!

Each month, HIP Happy Customers are entered into a drawing for a FREE Prize! 

What can we create for YOU?

Click the link below to get an order started! 



Below is an example of our Social Media ads that come with a month of promotion and 50 Blitz cards! Ready to order yours?