Member Testimonials

"I am a new Tie Packet member and so far I have booked more shows and learned about so many events that I have never found on my own. I am grateful for everything and look forward to a long relationship, new friends, family, and customers. Thank you!!"

- L. Trimble/Natures Way

"Being in the tie packet has opened up so many doors, for myself and my husband. We have been blessed by so many invitations to vendor events that we would not known about without the tie packet."

- T. Thompson/Waggin' Around

"I love the Tie Packet. Getting information on future vendor events is awesome. I have been contacted by several and signed up with some. Love all of the information. Thank you ladies!"

- K. Warren/Jewelry In Candles

"It has been a great networking opportunity for me! But I really have seen the benefit of being in the packet. I have been invited to over 6 shows in the past 3 months alone just from being a part of this packet. I wouldn't have known about these events otherwise. While I have not been able to participate in all of the ones I have been contacted about, it has been a great way for me to "fill my calendar" and keep myself active. Not only that, but working with HIP has been a treat! You guys are classy, professional and very dedicated to helping us succeed while also maintaining the integrity and professionalism of the individuals you work with. Thank you!"

-K. Pringle/Young Living

"I have been so thankful to be a part of the Tie Packet. It is handled with great professionalism and has helped get my name and company out to so many. I have met so many great professional and friendly members as well. This is a great way to network and market yourself!"

-D. McIntosh/Younique

"Being in the Tie Packet, has helped not only getting my name out in the public but also have gained some amazing new friends and networking with more and more. Hot iron promos it's great opportunity and best part, inexpensive and professional atmosphere."

-B. Moser/Scentsy


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